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The Coolest Security Inventions

The Coolest Security Inventions

Who says security can’t be cool? This curation of innovative technology and clever inventions may have you thinking again. They’ll make it easier and more stylish to protect yourself, your valuables, and your home or business!

Chick-a-Dee Smoke Alarm

There is nearly nothing worse than the sound of a smoke alarm blaring, especially when it’s only over a burnt meal. While the noise is intrusive, an alarm is still a necessity in every secure household. The decorative Chick-a-Dee smoke alarm, instead of screaming at you, replicates “the bird’s iconic ‘chick-a-dee-dee’ call at the first sign of smoke then emits a louder, more sustained 85 db sound as smoke thickens” ( It was even the winner of the Mooi uit de brand design competition. Originally available in the Netherlands, it can now be purchased at various retailers in the USA.

Artistic Security Window Bar & Gate Designs


Security gates and window bars are effective, but an effective eyesore as well. These designers have stepped it up with unique decorative metalworking. Your home or business can have personality while still deterring burglars.

Branches window treatments – via Bembe bar and nightclub

Circles security gate –

Spider web security grill –

Cuff Smart Jewelry


Looks can be deceiving; these beautiful pieces would fool anyone. Cuff’s collection of smart safety jewelry is designed to hold a small device that is inserted into a hidden pocket on each piece. It has a dual purpose: buzzing for notfications on your smart phone, and when pressed it sends an alert to family and friends’ phones. They will immediately get your location and can coordinate with others to get you the help you need. Pair it with the ila Security Pebble keyring alarm for even more stealthy, good looking protection.


Leaving your television on or scheduled using a timer is a well-known way to trick burglars into thinking someone is home. Most don’t want to risk a homeowner encounter and will choose houses that appear to be unoccupied. However TVs use up a large amount of electricity and can cost you on your electric bill. The FakeTV simulates the flicker of a television and only uses the power of a nightlight. FakeTV makes your home look occupied, while being more environmentally and budget friendly.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Locks

A form of electronic access control, biometric fingerprint scanner locks are incredibly secure and advanced. These two from The Family Handyman and Brickhouse Security are sleek, futuristic examples. They can be programmed with multiple fingerprints for the whole family, and clearance can be updated at a moment’s notice. Keys can be lost or duplicated, and the costs to rekey multiple doors is high. Fingerprint scanners can seem expensive at first, but they are a long term investment that is far more reliable and advanced than old-fashioned lock and key systems.

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