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The Basics of High Tech Surveillance Systems

high definition security camera systems

The Basics of High Tech Surveillance Systems

There are many things to consider when you are in the market for a security camera system. This can be a daunting task because not many people know about surveillance systems – and the info they do know is outdated. Most people might think that when you get a security camera system, you just stick a camera in a hidden spot and someone is in another room watching the feed.

This is 2018…. times have changed! Security camera systems and other surveillance equipment have come a lot farther than most people realize! It’s so much more than just a camera next to a door. Surveillance systems have grown to adapt to our wants and needs. Much like our consumer technology has progressed, so too have the security cameras that you think you know so much about.

There Is More Than Just One Type Of Camera…

There is a common misconception that a security camera is just a security camera. Well… yes and no. Yes, it is a camera installed and being used for security purposes, but there are still many different kinds of cameras that are used for various security purposes. Take the bullet camera for example; This camera alone has been a huge asset to most surveillance systems because of its small size and overall versatility. Other popular cameras include dome cameras or pan and tilt cameras. Dome cameras normally have some type of protective dark covering over the lens so that civilians can’t detect what direction the lens is looking at. The pan and tilt cameras are able to be adjusted by the user to zoom in, or move in, whichever direction is needed to gain a better viewing angle. For just about any need that you may have, there is probably a camera for it.

Remote Viewing?

The idea that there always has to be someone behind the monitors watching at all times isn’t always true anymore as we have evolved into the mobile age. You don’t have to be stationary anymore, and surveillance system developers know that. It’s becoming the norm to have a feature called Remote Viewing available for surveillance systems. Essentially, as long as there is an internet connection, you are able to access the camera’s feeds from any type of device. Imagine being on the beach in Italy, watching your warehouse in Detroit straight from your phone!

Wireless And DVR Are Popular Now

There used to be days where every camera had to be wired in order for there to be any type of feed connection. This day in age, just about everything is wireless though. This goes the same for your security cameras. Not all cameras are wireless, but the ones that are greatly expand your field of view options because they’re able to be placed just about anywhere that you can get a proper signal. Almost all feeds now also come with DVR in order to keep all your videos on file digitally. Everything now has a time stamp and can even be connected to a cloud storage device so that recorded feeds can be accessed from other devices if needed.

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