Network Wiring & Equipment Installed – LAN or WAN Installed

  • We wire & install network wall jacks for IP phones, PC’s, etc.
  • We install network switches, routers, access points, wireless bridges, etc.
  • Wireless network bridge installation will cost effectively connect 2 areas.
  • LAN – WAN installed in coordination with your IT department.
  • Competitive pricing – fast, friendly service.
  • We work in the North Texas area, but will travel on select projects.

T3chtonic qualified techs work with your IT staff or 3rd party network administrator to install network wiring or hardware. Let our IT Network Engineers and installers upgrade your existing network or install a completely new network.

Give whole or minor camera access to team members or clients, allowing easy vision to monitor that big project, or just to check the weather on your game lands. You can manage user accounts, or even share URLs to your remote site cameras, all at the click of a button. Grant as much, or as little, access to anyone you want to view your remote site.

No Wi-Fi access? No problem. T3chtonic can install your remote site cameras anywhere that can access a 4G LTE connection and have it live streamed to your devices, all with up to 10x the speeds of 3G. This isn’t that old grainy live stream quality you’re used to – prepare for full 4k Ultra High Definition resolution of your property live to you and your team.

LukOut is the perfect solution to monitoring and accessing your construction site when you can’t be there. Protect your investments the smart way – by always having a LukOut!

LukOut is perfect for

Construction sites
Outside concerts/festivals
Swimming pools
Unattended land/property
Game lands


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