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Security Systems: Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Security Systems: Be Proactive, Not Reactive

It’s human nature to be reactive to situations. It sometimes takes a bad situation to make us create a safe environment for ourselves. It costs money to buy insurance of all kinds:

  • Reactive: Insurance Policy for Reimbursement After Something Bad Occurs
  • Proactive: Insurance Policy to Replace Items AND Security System Setup To Help Authorities Catch Thieves.

It’s sad that there are people that steal from others, but it’s a reality that this company went through. They were lucky though: the people across the street had cameras that captured the whole thing. Not everyone will be this lucky.

This company had their aluminum wheels and tires stolen one night. They had opted not to install a security system at first. After the tires were stolen we heard back from them to install a security system. Why? The business across the street had a great system installed that captured the whole thing. Authorities were able to track down the thieves for an arrest.

An investment in installing a security system might have prevented the event altogether, if the system included motion-detecting lights and security cameras around the building. That’s extra insurance to protect your business investments.

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