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Security Guards versus Video Surveillance

Security Guards versus Video Surveillance

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What are the Advantages of Using a Security Camera System?

Some businesses employ security guards and though there is a place for them, a security guard is typically hired at night time and they’re employed for ten or twelve hours. The first disadvantage is that they’re extremely expensive. They are also only one set of eyes and legs to walk around and drive around on a golf cart, so they can’t watch your entire business simultaneously the way video surveillance cameras do. However when you have a camera system you typically have cameras around the entire perimeter of your business, and there’s no guard that can do that; typically you can’t afford enough guards to view your entire business at one time. A video surveillance system, unlike a guard dog or a security officer, actually records the video and activity around your business, and you can save that video for months on a hard drive. That can actually be evidence in case of a criminal activity or a past employee that comes to do something adverse against your business. Archived video on a hard drive is invaluable and something that no security guard can provide. At the end of the day a video surveillance system is much more cost effective than a security guard or a guard dog.

What are the Costs of Using a Security Camera System versus Using Security Guards?

A typical sixteen camera system at a business might run anywhere from $15-25,000 depending on the cameras and the difficulty of installation. However one security guard that typically earns around $30/hour, in a scenario with only one security guard at your business 10 hours a night, 7 days a week, that’s $300/day to hire a security guard. And that doesn’t sound like that much at first but there are 30 days in a month, so that’s $9,000 a month, 12 months in a year that equates out to about $108,000 a year for one security guard; not there 24 hours a day but for 10 hours a day with one set of eyes and who can only be in one place at one time. You typically would never spend $108,000 on your camera surveillance in a standard system. So a camera system will essentially cost you maybe 1/4 of a year’s worth of what you would pay a security guard, and in addition you get a whole lot more coverage and recorded video that a security guard cannot provide. Overall it is much more cost effective and useful to the consumer.

We hope this gives you valuable information when considering a camera system versus security guards. Contact us today for a free quote on all your video system needs.

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