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Network versus Digital Video Recorders

Network versus Digital Video Recorders

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Why Would You Want to Have a Network Video Recorder Connected to the Network?

Technology has come a very long way, in the old technology is what you might have heard of – a DVR, which is a digital video recorder, where you would have to press buttons to go through the video, and recordings could only be stored locally. It is now very antiquated and doesn’t align with the modern technology we have today. What an NVR or a network video recorder allows you to do is access it from your PC, from your phone, or any internet connected device and it is accessible from anywhere on your network – at your company, at your home. Access your video system over the internet so whether you’re on vacation, out doing errands, or anywhere away from your system you can maintain complete control and visibility of your home or business. NVRs also give you the ability to control who sees your video with a user list. It’s a game changer in the video surveillance realm.

What are the Benefits of Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing allows you to see into your business, and it keeps people honest. When cameras are up it is a huge deterrent to thieves and even helps ensure employee accountability. It allows you to have a 24/7 eye on your business when you’re not around. For residential customers, maybe you have a nanny or repair service at your home while you’re away. You can check in at any time, from anywhere and make sure you know what’s happening. And let’s say you have an alarm going off at your house or your business and you’re either not there or asleep and don’t have time to drive on location. Remote viewing allows you to see what’s going on without wasting your time; in many cases alarms will be tripped by a plastic bag or animal activating the motion sensor. Instant remote viewing allows you to not have to waste your time on these instances and instead use it for more valuable reasons.

How Does this Technology Integrate with the Older Analog Systems?

With network video recorders being network based there is a device called an encoder, which the analog tail would plug into, which converts to a digital signal that the video recorder can receive. It’s a great choice for those who don’t have the budget to buy a full NVR system with IP cameras and new wiring, letting you transition one piece at a time so you can get whatever fits your budget.

We hope this helps you realize the advantages of having a network video recorder versus a digital video recorder. Contact us today for a free quote for your video surveillance needs.

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