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Key Points to Know About Security Cameras

Key Points to Know About Security Cameras

There have been several advances in security camera technology that has made surveillance systems more effective and reliable than ever before. By making sure your Dallas surveillance systems offer real protection for property and people can provide you with greater peace of mind and improved security throughout your facilities. Here are some key points you should know about security camera systems and how they can help you protect your premises against unwanted intrusions and criminal activity.

Camera Resolutions and Pixels

Video cameras are classified according to the resolution they support for capturing and recording images.

What is a resolution and a pixel? At a basic level, resolution is a measure of how many pixels an image contains. Pixels are tiny blocks that make up a digital image.

Video cameras are classified according to the resolution they support for capturing and recording images. Video resolution is determined by the number of pixels used to create an image. In other words, lower numbers of pixels means less recognizable images, higher pixel counts, by contrast, can capture more detailed images and can allow for improved facial recognition and extremely high levels of resolution for Dallas business security systems.


Security cameras are available in three basic categories of resolution:

Standard-definition (SD), High-definition (HD), and Ultra High-definition (UHD).

SD cameras are old technology where most are either obsolete or have been discontinued. UHD cameras have 4k resolution and are very new to the security world. As of right now, it is rarely used when installing camera systems.

Technology is constantly changing and by choosing security cameras that are part of the new technology can provide real benefits for your company or organization. No more black and white CCTV surveillance systems. T3chtonic only uses the newest and greatest technology to secure your business or facility.


Higher megapixel cameras allow better clarity on details that matter. 

Benefits of Ultra HD Security Cameras

HD camera systems can allow law enforcement officers to make positive identifications on intruders captured by these security measures. This can potentially allow faster apprehension of criminals and increased safety for your employees, customers and patients. In the medical environment, Dallas hospital security camera systems can allow administrators to track the movements of patients and to provide added safeguards for records and prescription medications. The increased clarity made possible by HD technologies can ensure the safest environment for employees and visitors to your facilities.

Our customers LOVE to use our systems to help manage their employees. Being able to have complete vision of their entire business, all in the palm of their hand at their desk, allows owners to do what is most important– as well as keep an eye on your team members at the same time.

If you want to protect your business and your profits, consider purchasing a security camera system from T3chtonic. We install only the highest quality cameras and surveillance equipment at a reasonable price. Call us today at (469) 865-0739, or visit us at to request a free quote on a security camera system to protect your business. Proudly serving Dallas and North Texas.



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