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How Security Cameras PREVENT and SQUASH worker’s compensation fraud

How Security Cameras PREVENT and SQUASH worker’s compensation fraud

How Security Cameras PREVENT and SQUASH worker’s compensation fraud

Consider this scenario: you are the owner of a great business – steady profits, happy employees, and good projections on the horizon. One day, you receive a notice that an employee is suing you for an injuring in a “workplace accident”. You don’t remember any such incident, and have no record of it, but the employee says they were injured while at work on your property. What now? It’s never good to get into a situation where it’s your word against theirs, especially because this scenario could be easily resolved if your workplace had good coverage from a professional grade surveillance system.

What are the warning signs of Worker’s Comp fraud to be aware of?

How can you tell if your employee is telling the truth or not? Did they actually get hurt on the job or just trying to make easy money from your business? There are some key warning signs you should be aware of, like when the injury was reported. If it was reported on a Monday morning, but the “injury” took place on late Friday – you might want to be suspicious. Injury reports coming after a job termination, layoff, or strike might also lead to a bogus claim.

If the employee is receiving legal consultation, look into their past cases – do they have a history of handling suspicious claims? Did anyone else witness the workplace accident? Is the medical history inconsistent with the employee’s claim? Doe’s the employee’s description of the accident not make sense with the actual injury? (IE. “I fell on my back, but my knee is injured”)

You should also consider the medical care – Did the employee refuse a diagnostic procedure to confirm the nature on their injury? After the report is made, is it difficult to contact the claimant, or are they constantly changing physicians, jobs, or addresses?

Security Cameras can SQUASH worker’s compensation fraud

The above signs don’t necessarily mean that your employee is committing fraud, but if two or more of these are happening then you, as a business owner, should be aware. Thankfully, there is an absolute preventative measure you should take: Security cameras. A high quality surveillance system can curb most worker’s compensation fraud. In 2009-2010, Chuck E. Cheeses (one of the largest entertainment businesses in the country) installed security cameras in all of their locations – and in the six years following, reduced their claims costs by nearly $600,000. Not only by employees, but also by greedy customers looking to break the law for a quick buck.

It’s an absolute fact that when employees (and customers) know they are being watched by a security camera, they are less likely to be dishonest. Business security cameras capture fake workplace injuries all the time. Security camera systems are a relatively inexpensive way to help you combat worker’s compensation fraud. The sad truth of the world is that people are dishonest, especially when they believe no one is watching. The threat of a false worker’s compensation claim is very real. Luckily, surveillance systems are your perfect solution to this threat.

If you want to keep employees honest, and prevent worker’s compensation fraud, consider purchasing a security camera system from T3chtonic. We install only the highest quality High Def cameras and surveillance equipment at a reasonable price. Call us today at (469) 865-0739, or visit us at to request a free quote on a security camera system to protect your business. Proudly serving Dallas and North Texas.

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