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HDTVI | Learn About New HD Camera Technology

HDTVI | Learn About New HD Camera Technology

What is HDTVI?

HDTVI stands for High Definition Transport Video Interface. It is the next iteration of HDSDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) technology, and improves on some of the lacking features of HDSDI. HDTVI transmits over coaxial cable, which is good news for homes or businesses wanting to upgrade from older coax security systems. HDTVI sends high definition video over existing wiring infrastructure. Installers can simply upgrade cameras and video recorders to high definition, so there is no need to incur the labor cost of re-pulling new wiring. TVI can convert digital signals to analog ones in addition to extending the transmission distance and taking less storage capacity. New TVI technology can even support 4K resolution video for the ultimate in high definition video surveillance.


Freedom to Choose

TVI technology was developed and released in 2014 by a company called Techpoint, a California-based organization who decided to not sell to only one manufacturer. Their chipset is open, meaning that anyone who chooses can develop using their technology. Buyers can mix and match components from different brands who have created TVI products. This is always good news to the consumer, who has more freedom to choose which brands and parts they prefer, often at a lower cost than purchasing from a manufacturer with a monopoly on products. Customers that like to match their DVR and camera with different brands have the option with HDTVI.

Price and Convenience

As mentioned above, new HDTVI security video reduces the cost of upgrading to high definition cameras for businesses that have existing coax camera wiring in place. New cable drops can run between $300-400/drop. Not incurring that expense can easily save a good chunk of money for homes and businesses alike. The ability to choose preferred brands and cost is another convenient money saver.

Advanced Technology

HDTVI offers a new level of resolution, and is constantly being upgraded. Techpoint recently developed HDTVI 3.0 which according to their website “supports up to 8 Megapixel or 4K resolution video while maintaining reliable distance performances of over 500 Meter on a copper core 3C-2V coaxial cable…[it is] even compatible with other popular HD analog standards!” Additionally as with the most popular security camera systems available today, HDTVI video can be viewed on your company network, phone or laptop remotely.

The ability to see every detail in the highest definition available, at longer distances, and with a low barrier of entry makes HDTVI a logical choice for many people.

HDTVI versus IP and Analog

Two common security camera technologies currently in use are IPcam and Analog. Needs are different for every home or business owner, so here we compare the differences of each to help you make the best choice.

HDTVI versus IPcam

Image Quality





Transmit Delay No Yes
Bandwidth Influence? No Yes
Transmit Distance 500m 100m
Configuration Difficulty Easy Complex
Unit Cost Low High

HDTVI versus Analog

HDTVI Analog
Video Resolution 720p/1080p/4K 960H
Coax Cable Distance (3C/5C) 300/500m 180/300m
Twisted Cable Distance (Cat 5.e Standard) ~200m 100m
720p Specification Supported (FPS) 25/30/50/60 n/a
1080p Specification Supported (FPS) 25/30 n/a
DVR Can Mix Up 720p and 1080p Signal Yes n/a

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