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Choosing a Security Camera System Contractor

Choosing a Security Camera System Contractor

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What Do You Need to Know About Security Contractors?

If you’re hiring a security contractor to install a new camera system, you want to make sure they’re licensed by the state they practice in. It’s against the law to operate a security company without a security license issued by the state. Second of all you want to make sure of course they’ve been in business for quite awhile, that they’re not a brand new company with no history. And third of all when they give you a proposal for your camera system, you want to make sure they warranty that system preferably for a minimum of one year for the parts and labor so they stand behind their system.

If You’ve Never Owned a Security Camera System, What Should You Look for in a New System?

The newer technology is high definition cameras. When it comes to security cameras really it’s all about the clarity and resolution of the cameras. There’s been older technology that everyone’s seen on the evening news where the picture is grainy and fuzzy and it’s hard to tell the definition of faces and vehicles and so forth. All that has gone away with the newer technology of high definition cameras. So you certainly want to make sure that a security contractor is not proposing to install the old analog cameras with a DVR. T3chtonic installs high definition megapixel cameras with an NVR, a network video recorder which actually records at 1080p high definition just like you see on your TV. And that’s probably the most important thing is make sure you’re getting that newest technology to get the most bang for your buck.

Is High Definition a Trend Across All Dealers?

Yes it is and it’s been coming on in the last few years but not all dealers install this new high definition camera technology. Some of them are still installing that older technology. So yes it’s in a bit of a transition point, but the prices have come down in the high definition equipment to where you can actually get it essentially for the same price as what some of these dealers are installing the older technology for, so why not get the crystal clear video?

If You Have an Older Existing Video Camera System, What New Technology is Available Now?

There are a lot of businesses particularly that have older, analog systems, but we can actually use the coax cable that’s installed in your business and goes out to the cameras. We can string that high definition video over your existing wiring infrastructure and the reason that’s so important is it may cut the cost, or the transition up to that high definition video, in half. It may save you up to 50% because we don’t have to pull new wire, we can just install new high def cameras, high definition recorders and you’ve got a brand new state of the art, high definition system without pulling new wire in your business. This saves a lot of money and you get the latest greatest technology.

We hope these tips help you make smart future purchases with security camera contractors.
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