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Business Uses for Surveillance Cameras Besides Security

Business Uses for Surveillance Cameras Besides Security

Video surveillance is great for ensuring security and deterring burglars, but smart businesses are using it for more than just that. Here we’ll explore some of the ways corporate users are enhancing every aspect of their company with cameras.

Internal Loss and Claims Prevention

The power of having surveillance cameras has become a tremendous benefit to prevent bogus accident claims by workers. Many times, identifying and protecting a company’s interest from just one fraudulent worker’s comp. claim will pay for the entire cost of a
new camera system. Without the ability to see what actually happened, businesses must rely on word of mouth which is often unreliable or flat-out untrue.
Theft, harassment, and injury claims are additional real threats in both retail and office environments, resulting in billions of dollars in losses each year. Arming your facility with a video surveillance system is an effective way to thwart both shrinkage and fraudulent lawsuits. At the same time, it helps instill confidence in staff who know that with cameras they are protected against false claims.

Keeping an Eye on the Business

The ability to view modern camera feeds from any device, anywhere are another attractive benefit of surveillance systems. In the past when a burglar alarm at a business would go off, plenty of managers experienced the interruption of having to travel to the location to ensure its safety or check for a false alarm. This is wasted fuel, time, and money. With wireless camera systems, it’s simple to check up on the business from your phone or computer and quickly gauge the situation. HD cameras especially are made to get every detail and will easily identify faces and activity in case of an emergency like a burglary. Remote video monitoring technology also makes it fast and easy to check up on employees while you’re away, even on vacation.

Deterring Vandalism

“According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single incident of vandalism costs on average $3,370. Businesses shift the costs of vandalism and security to customers through higher prices. Some enterprises avoid areas with a perceived crime or vandalism problem, causing a void in goods, services and jobs among those who live in those areas.” (Houston Chronicle)

If your building is a target for vandalism, installing outdoor security cameras is a smart choice. Especially with modern HD technology’s ability to capture faces and details clearly, potential vandals know that the risk of being caught where cameras are present is high. Thanks to vandalism-resistant enclosures, many IP surveillance cameras are able to withstand physical damage as well. This is important to take note of when considering a new outdoor camera as perpetrators frequently attempt to break them.

Making Smart Business Decisions

Security analytics services such as RetailNext are allowing business owners to gather data about their customers’ shopping habits and make more intelligent plans. The platform integrates with your existing security camera system. They can analyze peak and low traffic areas, learn the “in-store journeys” your customers take to optimize marketing design, ensure staff are in needed areas, and even innovate and test potential new concepts before launch. This cool technology is helping businesses like Bloomingdale’s, Brookstone, and Ulta improve customer service, enhance operations, and boost profits.

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