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5 Tips to Improve Home Security

5 Tips to Improve Home Security

Your home is your fortress, and it can never be too safe. Create multiple lines of defense that a potential looter will have to bypass to make yourself less of a target.

Plant Lots of Shrubbery and Foliage

When a burglar is looking for his next target, he’s going to go for the easiest victim. Thieves want to quickly know what they’re up against and not waste any time on a well protected home. When lots of plants (especially thorny ones) are blocking him from seeing how well maintained your home is and preventing anyone from getting too close without being seen, you’ll make your house much less appealing. Security cameras or lights, dogs, and other burglary deterrents will be much harder to spot when there are plants to hide them. Plus it will make your yard look that much nicer too!

Don’t Draw Attention

Brightly painted, decorated exteriors can liven up a “boring” house. But compared to the other likely neutral colored homes in the neighborhood, places that stand out as overly stylish are a psychological trigger to potential burglars that there are probably better goods inside. While it may not be 100% true, the more you display on the outside, the more someone is going to think you have on the inside. To prevent immediately grabbing the attention of looters, stick to neutral colors and keep the eye-catching displays on the interior. This goes for other typical displays of wealth as well: nice cars, boats, boxes from expensive purchases, etc. At-a-glance perceptions are the force driving many thieves, and even unintentionally displaying wealth can make you a high-value target.

Always Lock Doors and Windows

Most home burglars aren’t career criminals spending days or months planning a heist. They are going for the softest targets, often walking around neighborhoods checking car and home doors to find ones left unlocked. Don’t assume that just because you’re home you’re safe. Lock your doors and windows always and don’t make yourself a quick and easy target. Even if a burglar decides to try and pick a lock, you’ll be buying yourself precious time to protect yourself or scare him off before he can rob you.

Invest in a Security System

This can be anything from motion-activated lights, to a burglar alarm, a guard dog, or any combination. The more the better! If you’re an animal lover, there is no better security system than a dog. They can sense approaching humans long before we would know they are there, and their barking is an immediate deterrent to intruders. Motion activated spotlights prevent criminals from having the cover of darkness, and a burglar alarm can quickly alert you, your neighbors, and even the police that something is amiss. A study by Rutgers University showed that criminals avoid locations with professionally monitored alarm systems which can stop an intrusion before it even begins.

Avoid Obvious Clues That You’re Not Home

Going somewhere? Close the blinds to keep lurkers from seeing that no one’s home. Consider frosting garage window glass or installing a door without windows whatsoever to ensure people can’t keep track of when your car is gone. For extended trips, invest in a timer to turn lights/TVs on and off on a schedule to keep the home looking alive. Resist leaving notes on the door for service people or deliveries as that’s a sure sign no one’s at home.

We hope these tips help keep you safe and secure! For a free home assessment or to find out how we can help protect your home or business, give us a call or fill out our contact form today.

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