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5 Impressive Security Camera Features You May Not Know About

5 Impressive Security Camera Features You May Not Know About

If it’s your first time shopping for a security camera system, or you haven’t purchased a new system within the last few years, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by all the new features and options and likely don’t know what you need and what you can live without. Our list of 5 impressive security camera features are things that any location, be it your house or business, can benefit from. And they also happen to be pretty cool!

Remote Access & Viewing

Back when security recordings first became popular, all footage had to be stored and viewed internally on-site. If an alarm went off at your business or you received a call that you’d been broken into, you had to make the drive to the location to see what was going on and review the footage. With new remote viewing technology, staying in the loop has never been easier. Using your phone, tablet, or computer with remote access you can view current and previous footage from anywhere – imagine sitting on your couch at home, watching your favorite show and being able to view every area of your business at the same time. Whether you’re 20 miles away, on vacation 2000 miles away, or even in an entirely different country, you can check in with and monitor housekeepers, sitters, family members, pets, package deliveries, employees, anything you can think of in realtime all from wherever you happen to be. It’s a revolutionary technology that quite literally gives you peace of mind in your pocket.

Night Vision Monitoring

A security system is no good if it can’t see the important details at any time of the day. Night vision recording and monitoring allows users to see every detail in high definition, even when there are no light sources available. This picture shows a great example of the same situation being viewed in the daytime and at night with night vision technology:

With night vision, security doesn’t take a break when it’s dark. With most thefts and crime happening under the cover of darkness, being able to see every detail is a huge benefit for both home and business systems.

Wireless Technology

Gone are the days of tearing up your infrastructure to install a camera system. The same technology that has allowed our phones and electronic to go wireless has been implemented in security systems. Wireless sensors and cameras are now more powerful, dependable, and advanced, making realtime viewing virtually lag and issue free. Back when cameras depended on wiring, savvy criminals knew that by find the right cord to cut they could render your system useless. That advantage is gone, and the benefits to the consumer are enormous.

Video Compression Technology

Just as we’ve seen with computer and electronic hard drives, storage and compression technology has developed at light speed. The storage of old is unrecognizable compared to what we have access to today:

Without getting too technical, video compression is the process by which technology called a “codec” analyzes video footage and reduces or removes unceccessary files or frames. This change is near invisible by us, but can drastically reduce the size of recordings. This process is all done automatically by security cameras to make storage of what would previously be huge amounts of data easily kept for as long as you need on normal hard drives. This makes it possible to store days, months, and years worth of high quality footage cheaply and efficiently. The newest, most efficient compression format is called H.264, and “works by taking small groups of frames and and evaluating them together as a series to eliminate duplicate content that appears in each frame without changing”. Finding the right balance of compression versus quality is key, and your security contractor can help you find the mix that works best for your unique situation.

High Definition Video

We couldn’t write this post without mentioning how fantastic new high definition video technology is! Most people can recall seeing security camera footage on TV that looks like this:

How is anyone supposed to use that in a meaningful way? Faces, license plates, items, and small details are paramount to solving a crime or issue quickly. Police say HD surveillance systems can help curb crime, and urge home and business owners to install high definition for the fastest resolution when an incident occurs. This picture is a great example of the comparison:

Which would you want to have in an emergency? While we all hope we’ll never fall victim to an invasion or burglary, having the peace of mind of knowing that your security cameras will catch every needed detail is priceless.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the coolest new security camera technology, and that it’s useful to you when shopping for your ideal system. We’re here to help – call or email us today for a free consultation and quote.

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